A History Of Human Bliss

by Daisy Glaze

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Grand Prix 01:02
I'm bracing my heart. I'm racing to start. I never wanna be apart - or need a brand new heart cuz I know that you want it.
Are you confident? In the history of human of bliss have you found it or do you walk the line? Do you save it for all of those that you don't agree with (if they're not your friends)? Are you complacent? Smirk at all of those who don't feel it? (Who are they to say?) Violence always seems to be the thing that ruins. I'm not sad to say you're wasting my time. I won't replace it with what you feel is fine. How am I supposed to feel you if you don't wanna be no one else?
You Go Low 02:19
As always I am the question. One and two are not the same. In hindsight, you didn't look at me. I couldn't see your eyes. How am I supposed to reach for someone who doesn't want me to cross their party lines? I rephrase it into a statement. I see you back away now. Respectability is how you want to control me and that's not all right. It's not politics; it's my well-being.
I can't wait for it. All I wanted to be was your friend but you won't believe it. I'm not about to be pulled in. What's the big idea? There's a voice in the back of my head and I can't ignore it. It's kinda funny how you've been. And the time has come. All the goodbyes have been wrung. The time has come and I'm blaming everyone. Watch me walk away. How can you stay? Watch me walk away. I'm tired of being afraid.
In the spotlight I feel everything. I don't know who I am or who I'm supposed to be. Is this pressure all in my head - am I not queer enough for you or am I sham? Is it all in my head, am I just in my head? Am I faking it? I can't shake it. I'm leaving night by night masculinity by the side. In the summer I can feel heat of what I wanna do and who I wanna be. Taking solace in the fact of the feelings I have being what's enough. And for the first time I'm feeling all right.
Are you in love now? You're so deserving; I can't relate. He's so enticing; I can't deny. He says the same thing; you roll your eyes. He's so deserving; you can't deny. Is there relief for this constant pressure?
Lemon 02:59
Took the van down to the lake. It's the just the song you wanna sing. Let the waves wash into me. Yeah I know it's a slog; if the feeling is gone, why'd you leave a light on? You said you couldn't wait; eyes gold to grey. You said you're feeling bold; eyes grey to gold. In the bed, under the sheet, there's a hand I'd like mine to meet. Let the rain crash into me. Can I get you to stay? I cannot the deny the present night and day. You're in sight, in my line of sight.




released June 3, 2017


For this recording, Daisy Glaze was:

Vince Aguilar - Guitars, vocals
Ryan McCoy - Bass
Mike Duda - Drums


Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Guided by Seth Engel in November 2016 @ Pallet Sound

Art by Matthew Landvogt (mathyouland.tumblr.com)




Daisy Glaze Chicago, Illinois

daisyglazed@gmail.com for booking or anything else

08/26/16 - Iowa City, IA @ Dicks Jiggly Room

08/27/16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Coming Soon

08/28/16 - Moline, IL @ The Island

09/02/16 - Chicago, IL @ Room of Requirement (Boilerman LP release)

09/05/16 - Chicago, IL @ Slippery Slope
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